Community FAQs

The annual assessment is $250.00 per lot.

The Homeowner’s Association sends assessment notices by mail in December.  Assessments are due on March 1st.  Late fees begin to accrue April 1st.  Payments should be mailed to:

Savannah Ridge Homeowners Association
P. O. BOX 331374
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

The annual assessment pays for property/liability insurance, pool upkeep, utilities, professional fees, taxes on common property, maintenance, landscaping, and numerous other expenses incurred by the Association.

Yes. Satellite dishes are permitted; however, we do have standards that are designed to enhance the visual harmony of the neighborhood.  Please be sure to advise your dish installer of the standards when he/she comes to install your dish.  You can download the standards from the “Documents” link in the About Us Menu.

Yes. The covenants require landscaping to cover the entire front elevation of all homes.  Additionally, you are required to screen all A/C and furnace units with landscaping.

Yes. All exterior improvements to your property must be approved by the Architectural Committee before they are started. Exterior paint colors also require pre-approval.

By completing a “Request for Architectural Committee Review” form. Simply download the form from the “Documents” link print the form on your printer and send it to

No. All work performed by Board and Committee members is done on a volunteer basis.

You may contact The Board of Directors by completing the Contact Us form on the website. You may also contact the Association President, another officer, or any committee chair. See current members under “Board Members“.

Recreational vehicles and trailers cannot be parked in driveways, backyards or on the street.  Boats and trailers kept on your property must be stored in your garage, with the door closed.

Yes, during the summer and fall months. Check the calendar for dates.

Yes. The Annual Association Meeting is in January of each year.  You will receive a notice, before the meeting, listing the date, time and place of the meeting.

City of Murfreesboro/Rutherford County recycling locations, hours of operation, & and material accepted.  $10 monthly fee.

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