HOA Committees

Architectural/Capital Improvements Committee

The Architectural Committee (ARC) will consist of at least 3 homeowners within the Savannah Ridge Subdivision and is responsible for maintaining a consistent and harmonious environment within the Savannah Ridge Subdivision as outlined in the Savannah Ridge Restrictive Covenants and Conditions. The ARC is responsible for reviewing and approving all construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration or addition to any structure, building, fence, wall, driveway, path or improvement of any nature on any lot. The Architectural Committee will have 30 days to act upon an officially submitted Architectural Control Committee Approval Request Form. The request form should be approved by 2 ARC members if available but can be approved by one committee member if no other members are available to meet the 30-day timeframe. The ARC will provide a listing of ARC request(s) approved by the committee at each Board Members’ meeting during the timeframe between each board meeting for the record.

Compliance/Maintenance Committee

The Compliance/Maintenance Committee is responsible for educating and communicating to all homeowners within the Savannah Ridge subdivision the requirements set forth in the Restrictive Covenants and Conditions applying to the Subdivision Savannah Ridge. The committee’s primary focus will be on homeowner compliance with Articles VII and VIII of the Restrictive Covenants and Conditions applying to the Savannah Ridge subdivision and working with applicable homeowners to correct any non-compliance conditions. The committee will keep the SRHOA Board Members abreast of any identified non-compliance condition and seek assistance from the board to ensure compliance set forth in the SRHOA Restrictive Covenants and Conditions. The Compliance/Maintenance Committee is also responsible for ensuring all common areas are clean, aesthetically pleasing to all, and safe for use by the homeowners of Savannah Ridge subdivision. This is mainly accomplished via oversight of contracts for landscaping and facility maintenance but may require committee man-hours for simple clean-up, touch-up, and repair of equipment and/or structures housed within the common areas. The committee will work with applicable contractors to promote the beautification of the Savannah Ridge subdivision.

Pool Committee

The Pool Committee is responsible for ensuring a safe and clean environment for homeowners in the Savannah Ridge Subdivision to utilize the pool facilities during the open season. These responsibilities are primarily accomplished via contract but do require daily oversight of the pool activities to ensure a safe environment and compliance with pool regulations. The committee should develop plans for a committee member to check daily the pool environment and ensure after closing of the pool each day that no one is still inside the gated areas, no water is running in sinks or toilets in the restrooms, and all flood lights and gates are working properly. If notified by the contractor that equipment or pool structure issues have been identified or a committee member has identified issues by the daily checks, they will notify the Chairperson of the Pool Committee of the issue that has been identified that needs to be corrected. The Chairperson of the Pool Committee will coordinate with the Chairperson of the Compliance/Maintenance Committee to repair or correct the issue or deficiency that has been identified. The Pool Committee is responsible for planning and conducting the annual pool opening and closing workday. They will solicit volunteers to ensure that the pool area is clean and ready to be opened by the identified opening date. The committee will ensure loungers, chairs, tables, gazebos, etc., are clean, safe, and ready for use by the homeowners. Each year the committee will assess the condition of the lounger, chairs, tables, gazebos, etc., and recommend to the Board of Directors replacement and/or addition of any equipment. The committee is also responsible for ensuring appropriate signage is displayed throughout the pool area of applicable rules and regulations. Pool access cards will be controlled and issued through the oversight of the Treasurer, Band oard of Directors and will not be a responsibility of the Pool Committee.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of all special events that have been identified and approved by the SRHOA Board of Directors. This includes but not limited to coordinating with local vendors for preparation and delivery of food and refreshments needs for the special event, ensuring sufficient volunteers are available to support the special event that includes setup and cleanup, and purchasing necessary supplies, condiments, etc., for any events that require these items. The committee is also responsible for posting applicable signage at all appropriate locations throughout the neighborhood of the date and times of the special event and decorating appropriate common areas for traditional holidays.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is responsible for greeting new homeowners within 60 days of moving into the Savannah Ridge Subdivision. The Welcome Committee will present the new homeowners with a nominal gift, share with them the activities and amenities of the neighborhood, and provide them with a copy of the SRHOA Restrictive Covenants if they have not been provided a copy by their realtor. They should be able to answer any questions posed by the new homeowners or provide them with a board member contact that can get back to with them an appropriate response. They should ensure the new homeowners are aware of the current board members name and contact number, current SRHOA committee structure and how to gain access to the SRHOA website. The Welcome Committee is also responsible for conducting the “Yard of the Month” program. These responsibilities include but are not limited to identifying homeowner property that demonstrates an exceptional esthetic appearance that promotes a positive environment of our neighborhood. The “Yard of the Month” program will be conducted for the months of April through September.