Welcome to Savannah Ridge, we hope that you will love it here

We are a volunteer-based Homeowners Association (HOA) and we all live in the neighborhood. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for one of our committees, email us at hoa@savannahridgehoa.com.

On our official website, you will find a listing of our current Board Members, HOA Committees, special announcements and events, pavilion reservations, etc. You will also find a link to the Savannah Ridge HOA Covenants. We use these covenants to assist with maintaining a beautiful and family-oriented community. Some of the most common non-compliance issues identified by our Compliance Committee are cars habitually parking in the street, RV’s, boats and trailers parked in driveways or yards. If you have to park an RV in the driveway for a couple of days or need to have a car(s) parked in the street for a short period of time you can email the HOA and let us know. This will avoid any issues.

You will also find on our website an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Form to fill out if you are making any external changes, additions, and/or structure removal to your dwelling or lot. Some examples are installing a fence, adding a shed, deck, and/or an in-ground pool, etc. If you have any questions for the Architectural Review Committee, the email address is arc@savannahridgehoa.com.

Please join our HOA Facebook page at Savannah Ridge HOA of Murfreesboro, TN by clicking here.

Our Facebook Group page has a picture of our front entrance, we use Facebook as an informational tool only to keep our residents informed on what the board is working on as well as any other beneficial information.


Savannah Ridge HOA Board

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